Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a unique research university since 1880. The university stands for high quality, fundamental, innovative and socially oriented research and offers the highest quality of education on one single campus. There is a great number of interdisciplinary research institutes between faculties arising, which offer great opportunities for students and staff to develop themselves. Our students and staff always look further: beyond the boundaries of their own field, culture, traditions and philosophy to become critical and socially engaged academics.

Four profile themes

Over the coming years, the university will be focusing particularly on strengthening the link between science and society. As part of its work analyzing social issues and searching for solutions, the university has identified the four themes below.
  1. Human Health & Life Sciences
  2. Science for Sustainability
  3. Connected World
  4. Governance for Society

By focusing its teaching and research activities on these four themes, VU Amsterdam is creating a clear profile for students, researchers, businesses, funding agencies, government bodies and other (knowledge) partners.

International students

VU Amsterdam is located in the lively and multicultural Amsterdam, the city with the largest concentration of students in The Netherlands and where English is the second language. At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam we think diversity is very important and highly cherish an international environment. With a yearly increasing range of English courses and programmes, we welcome people from all over the world. Every nationality is welcome and this reflects in the great amount of 84 different nationalities we already have at VU Amsterdam - a number we are definitely proud of in these times of globalization.

The university also has a number of service departments, of which the International Office is a major one. The International Office guides students and staff to make VU Amsterdam an enjoyable place to be at and assists you with excellent services such as housing, visa and residence permits.

Private or public?

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a public university recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Education. Under the Dutch system, the government subsidizes recognized universities on the basis of their student numbers and also sets limits and guidelines for the tuition fees that these universities are allowed to charge. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.

University campus

Almost all of our students, staff and programmes are located on campus: a single building complex near the business district of Amsterdam. Accordingly, in the course of your studies, it is very easy to familiarize yourself with other disciplines.

Besides the opportunity to expand your knowledge through different disciplines, VU Amsterdam also offers great activities on campus to have a great time. Think of a pubquiz at the local café or a nice game on the volleyball court; VU Amsterdam´s campus will never bore you.

Application deadlines (Starting in September) for most programmes

EU students: 1st May
non-EU students: 1st April

EU students: 1st June
non-EU students: 1st April