Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Aeres UAS (previously CAH Vilentum University of Applied Sciences) is a state-approved university of applied sciences in the Netherlands and is known for its practical approach to teaching, the good atmosphere and direct contact with lecturers. The university lies at the heart of the Netherlands with locations in Dronten and Almere. Many international students come to Aeres UAS to study the well-known (international) business Bachelor programmes Equine Business Management, European Food Business or International Food Business (double degree). These three programmes are business study programmes with specializations in the equine and food sectors in Europe and North America. 

Practical teaching and personal development

Aeres UAS puts great emphasis on students developing on a personal level and creating a large network for their future career through internships, stays abroad and contact with external partners. From day one the practical teaching and the student’s interests take the center stage. This way, students realize projects, organize events or take part in excursions along with external national and international employers. Competences such as teamwork, organization or personal development which are essential in the professional world are taught here. During the different internships that are integrated into the study students learn to combine their knowledge with theory and make new contacts at home and abroad.
Furthermore, Aeres UAS also offers the chance to take part in exchange programmes like Erasmus+. This makes it possible to absolve part of your study at a partner university in i.e. the USA, Canada or Europe. 

Degree and  career opportunities

Thanks to the practical teaching Aeres UAS trains its students to become professional young specialists in their sector. After graduation students can work as Corporate Sales Managers, Entrepreneurs, Product Developers and Event Managers etc.
You can find information on the degree in the description of each respective study programme. 

Language & language course

The study programmes International Food Business and European Food Business are taught in English. To support students with the English language there are English classes next to the regular curriculum during the first two years. Furthermore a specific level is required to study these two programmes.

The Bachelor programme Equine Business Management is taught in Dutch. Aeres offers a language course for international students before the beginning of the study. At the end of the course students are tested in vocabulary, grammar and writing short texts.  Passing this language course is required for admission to the study. Experience from previous years shows that about 90% of students pass this course.