Experiences for Water Management an der HZ University of Applied Sciences

Joao Paiva

Hey, my name is Joao Paiva and I'm an international student from Portugal. I am studying Water Management at HZ, but I already finished my studies in Civil Engineering in Portugal. I worked almost 3 years until I decided to study more. During these years of work I became aware of the existing problems at the level of water not only in Portugal but worldwide. I decided it would be important not only for my work life but also for my personal fulfillment that I should study something related to the water issues.

As Portuguese one of the main advantages to study in Netherlands is that you are in the center of Europe and you can catch a train or a plane for somewhere easily. There are other advantages like you can improve you English or learn other cultures with the other international students. But the main reason is the fact that Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in water management so in my opinion there is no other place to study water management.

I found the university first on the internet and then trough a presentation made by a Portuguese organization called Global Plaza with the coordinator of International Relations of the HZ, Mr. van der Mark.

The main reason for studying at HZ, in Vlissingen, is that HZ presents one of the best water management programs. Another reason is the possibility to leave near the sea on easy to find and cheap accommodations. I got accommodation through the HZ website. But there are a lot of other choices around the city.

I’m already in the second semester and until now I’m really impressed with everything. The relation between students and teachers, the conditions of the university, the people, the way of learning, everything is better than my expectations.

We thank Joao Paiva for the Interview!

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