Software Engineering

4 Years
Start date:
1st September.
please see remarks below
To be eligible as a prospective Bachelor degree programme student, you must have been awarded a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards.
Tuition fees:
2209.00 € per year for EU citizens. For other nationalies different fees apply.
Special remark

What is this programme about

Software Engineering is about the complete process around the development and improvement of computer applications; from idea to implementation to going live and maintenance. It’s much more than just programming! Think about analysis of requirements, advising customers, system design and project management.
The first three semesters are the same for both Software Engineering and Business Informatics. Afterwards, you choose your specialisation. During the final part of your studies, the internship, the Software Factory (project in cooperation with companies) and the graduation project are main components.

Programme in brief

We’re living in a ‘connected world’. People are connected by social media and devices are connected to each other (The Internet of Things). Our lives become more dependent on computers. We’re not aware anymore of how many devices we are using. Think about apps on mobile devices, web applications, (serious) games and cars; all examples of products based on software. Smart people are needed to develop those systems. People with technical skills who are aware of the scope and potential of these applications.

What can you expect from us

Software systems need to be developed and maintained. This is a challenge from a technical perspective, but also from a user perspective. Applications have to fit user needs, in order to be usable and acceptable. The development and implementation of state of the art and usable computer applications is what we teach.
We provide you with sound knowledge and skills in the wide world of informatics. The study course has a highly practical approach, in which you apply gained knowledge in many practical work and real world projects, under professional supervision.


What do we expect from you

Software engineers combine sound knowledge about information technology and excellent people skills. You will work in teams using modern development methods. As a software engineer you are able to develop a wide range of applications, for different business domains.
You are enthusiastic about the possibilities of Information Technology and you love to work together. Of course you are technology minded, but at the same time user focused.


In the third and the fourth study year you will do an internship. You can choose the company yourself, but we also provide a list of companies we work with. Internships can be done in the Netherlands or abroad. The choice is up to you.
In both internships you will solve a problem within the company. You experience what it’s like to work at a bachelor-level position. In the meantime you build your professional network. Not rarely an internship leads to a job. During both internships you will be supported by a lecturer. You will finish your study at Fontys with a bachelor thesis based on your experiences during the last internship.


Fontys School for Technology and Logistics
phone: +31 8850 75477

Tegelseweg 255
5912 BG Venlo, Niederlande

Postbus 141
5900 AC Venlo, Niederlande

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