Teacher Education Sec I - English und Spanish

5 Years
Start date:
1st September.
Dutch, English, Spanish
  • secondary school diploma with higher education entrance qualification Diploma
  • A proof of English proficiency
Tuition fees:
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What is this programme about

It goes without saying that teachers have to be knowledgeable about their subjects, but they also have to be able to get this knowledge across to their pupils. As a teacher, your job does not only involve standing in front of a class to teach your subject but you also guide and tutor your pupils, set up projects and organise study trips and other activities.

The teacher education programme at the Archimedes Institute leads to a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) teaching qualification. This qualifies you to teach in the following school categories and levels in the Netherlands:

  • the first three years of secondary education (HAVO and VWO) equivalent to lower secondary education in the British system and the middle years programme of the International Baccalaureate;
  • vocational secondary schools and colleges and Special Education (VMBO,MBO);

The first year
You will be working on your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills so that you become highly proficient in English. In addition, there are classes in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. You will also follow classes on teaching methodology –  this is how you get your subject knowledge across to pupils – with an emphasis on communicative language teaching. Everything you do during this course works on two levels: you acquire knowledge about the English language, literature and its society while at the same time you learn to put your experience into practice by doing teacher training in a secondary school.
In November you apply for a work placement as a trainee teacher at a secondary school. From that point on during your first year you will be doing a work placement for one day a week. If you are doing the English language version of the programme we will try to arrange for your placement to be in a bi-lingual school (TTO school).

The second and subsequent years
During the course of the programme you will grow into your role as a teacher. You will be given an increasing amount of freedom to acquire the knowledge and skills you feel you need and you will also gain a clearer picture of the teacher you want to be. The English Teacher education programme includes both teacher training and courses in the subject such as linguistics, second language acquisition, English language teaching methodology, literature and preparation for the Cambridge Proficiency (CPE). In your second year you will spend ten weeks of the programme doing a work placement in an English-speaking country such as the United Kingdom, the United States or Australia etc.

In the second year you will continue to do your placement at a secondary school for one day a week. In the third year this will increase to two days a week and you will be given more responsibilities, including teaching entire classes and setting up project work. Gradually, you will grow more independent in your role as a teacher and discover the type of school that best suits you.

Honours Programme
Are you keen to develop to your full potential and make the most of your studies? Would you like to  be involved in interesting projects and be recognized for your contributions? And would you like a distinction on your diploma? Then the Honours programme is for you! There are all sorts of options to choose from. For instance, you can take part in existing activities in your own degree programme or faculty, or you can design an excellence project all your own. Your accomplishments are rewarded with ‘excellence stars’, of which you can earn five in total. Each type of star stands for a competence exhibited by an excellent professional practitioner. Which stars you want to add to your diploma is up to you. Of course, you can also go for all five! In that case, you will receive a designation of ‘Excellent’ on your diploma.

Optional subjects
Want to expand your horizons as an instructor, or instead specialize in a specific field? The programme reserves 30 credits (one semester) to use for electives. For instance, you can use your optional subjects component to do a minor (a set of thematically linked courses). In the final phase of the programme you can choose between a major in vocational education or a major in general education. Both majors lead to a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) qualification upon graduation.

Teacher Training
Everything in the programme is oriented towards professional practice. As you learn, you will also be working. In fact, you will be gaining work experience as a teacher from the very first year. Alongside a solid foundation in English as a subject, we will also teach you creative methodology for transferring knowledge to your pupils.

By the final phase of the programme you will be working almost completely independently. The final phase has two parts. Half of your time will be devoted to your work placement at a training school, where you will have regular teaching duties three days a week and will also work on a project for the school. The other half of this phase consists of optional subjects, study-work supervision, weekly meetings reflecting on class sessions and your experiences at the training school, and preparing for your assessment.

Career prospects
English teacher for lower secondary school levels (years 12- 16) teaching English as a Foreign or Second language. Teaching English as a Foreign language or Second language in language schools.

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