Marketing Management

4 Years
Start date:
1st September.
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To be eligible as a prospective Bachelor degree programme student, you must have been awarded a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards.
Tuition fees:
2209.00 € per year for EU citizens. For other nationalies different fees apply.
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What is this programme about


International Marketing prepares you to react to the needs of customers in an international environment by offering subjects such as market research, marketing law, consumer behaviour and e-marketing.
As an International Marketing student you will gradually transform into a marketing expert with experience in working in an international environment. The study programme includes two internships which you can complete in the Netherlands or abroad. You will gain further international experience on our campus where you will meet lots of students from over 50 countries!
You will also found your own company in a project called Mini Company. In this project you will work in various positions in a real company. A good marketer is a great networker. That’s why you will do a lot of group assignments during the course.

Programme in brief

Designing an exciting marketing campaign for the new iPhone, organising a press conference for Greenpeace or conducting market research on which emotions are associated with eating ice cream. All these are examples of something a marketing professional does. As a marketer you know exactly what triggers consumers. You know why we pay more for Coca-Cola, while a different brand might be more tasty in a blind test and maybe you will make sure that people will sleep in a tent for the release of the new Playstation.

What can you expect from us

We teach you to understand why some products are successful and others aren’t. By conducting smart market research you learn to reveal the needs of your target group. Your market analysis and communication strategy builds brands. You don’t just use your creativity for well-known consumer products. Banks, charity organisations and governmental institutions also like to distinguish themselves from their competitors through ground-breaking campaigns. We will provide an international learning community and in interesting projects and internships you gain practical experience before you graduate, which will prepare you for a successful career.

What do we expect from you

You are good with words and know how to convince others. Thinking out of the box is no problem for you. You can put yourself in someone else’s shoes. As a marketer it’s your job to think like your customers. You are willing to study hard to gain knowledge of marketing theories and you enjoy cooperating with fellow students in project groups. We educate you to become a result-oriented networker. At the end of the study programme you are able to write marketing and communication plans independently and you are able to convert your creativity to concrete step by step marketing actions.

Mini company

In the second year of your studies you start your own company in the 'mini company project'. During ten months you face the challenges of having your own company. You will found the company with about ten students from various economics study programmes. 
You will write a business plan and sell shares to finance your entrepeneural activities. With the investments raised you will develop your own product and organise the production process. Of course the product has to be sold, so you write marketing plans to boost sales. The shareholders receive your annual report and you file a tax report. These are just a few of the examples of the activities in a mini company.


In the third and the fourth study year you will do an internship. You can choose the company yourself, but we also provide a list of companies we work with. Internships can be done in the Netherlands or abroad. The choice is up to you.
In both internships you will solve a problem within the company. You experience what it’s like to work at a bachelor-level position. In the meantime you build your professional network. Not rarely an internship leads to a job. During both internships you will be supported by a lecturer. You will finish your study at Fontys with a bachelor thesis based on your experiences during the last internship.

After your studies

Nowadays businesses cannot survive without strong marketing. Through clever and creative marketing campaigns companies communicate with their target groups. As a versatile marketer you can work in virtually any company. The area of marketing is very broad, which reflects in the different functions marketers occupy. Art director, social media manager, sales manager or market researcher, these are all examples of jobs in the marketing domain. One thing is certain; as an International Marketing graduate you have a solid base to work as a marketer in any company. You can analyse target groups and learned how to develop marketing and communication concepts. You are a professional in writing marketing plans and in analysing companies. With the two internships you have completed, your experience in your own Mini Company and your knowledge of international enterprises you are a valued asset for companies all over the world.
Of course you can set up your own company as well and work as a business entrepeneur on a start-up as a General Manager.


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