4 Years
Start date:
1st September.
Abitur or Fachhochschulreife, sufficient grades in mathematics
Tuition fees:
2209.00 € per year for EU citizens. For other nationalies different fees apply.
Special remark

Application deadline:
Bachelors start February 2018: 15 January 2018
Bachelors start September 2018: 15 August 2018
What is this programme about

Information about the programme Communication

Communication professionals are the voice of organisations. They interact with diverse audiences using different forms of verbal, visual and online media. Communication professionals not only have a deep understanding of an organisation’s culture, but also of its mission and goals. With this knowledge in mind, they foster and nourish relationships with:

  • customers and clients – to sell their products or services (marketing communication)
  • employees – to ensure everyone is on the same page (internal communication)
  • partners, shareholders, regulators, government and the community – to foster cooperation and support (corporate communication)
Studenten des Studiengangs Communicaton an der HAN

Studying Communication

In the 1st year you get an overview of the broad field of communication. You also study a foreign language: Dutch, French, German or Spanish. This language comes in handy later on when you do your work placement and study abroad.

During the 2nd year you broaden and deepen your knowledge of the communication field with practical assignments, research and your chosen foreign language.

In the 3rd year you broaden your knowledge and international orientation by crossing borders, moving out of your comfort zone and studying at a foreign university for a semester. HAN has over 280 partner universities across the globe, many of which are ready to offer you any number of interesting and useful subjects in the field of communication. In your 3rd year you also do a work placement at an internationally oriented company, usually outside the Netherlands. This is the time to apply what you’ve learned and gain new perspective in a real business setting. You put your foreign language skills to work and get hands on experience dealing with different cultures and habits. Our students typically do their work placements at internationally operating companies like Nissan, Shell, Bosch, Dior, Vodafone, ING, Mercedes Benz and Adidas.

In your 4th year you will be ready for your greatest professional challenge so far: your graduation assignment. Collaborating with an internationally oriented company, you work out a planned solution to a communication problem at strategic level. This could be a/an:

  • Marketing communication plan
  • Branding plan
  • Public relations (PR) plan
  • Internal communication plan
  • Online plan

What’s more, you get to choose the organisation. Ourstudents often do their graduation assignment forleading organisations like Dekra, Philips, KLM, Microsoft, Nike, Estee Lauder Benelux, Huawei, Nike and Philips.

Programme overview and contents

1st year
  • Building Brands
  • The Digital Explorer
  • Brain & Behaviour
  • Corporate Behaviour
  • The Content Creator
  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Business Communication
  • Dutch/French/German/Spanish
2nd year
  • Project: Digital Magazine
  • Branding and Concepting
  • Design
  • Research
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Internal Communication
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Communication
  • Advising and Presenting
  • Integrated Communication Game
  • Business Communication
  • Dutch/French/German/Spanish
3rd year
  • Study Abroad
  • Work Placement Abroad
4th year
  • Project: Integrated Communication
  • Converged Media Strategy
  • Campaign Calculation and Planning
  • Creative Execution: Editorial Design
  • Public Relations
  • Trends in Global Business
  • Online Management
  • Personal Leadership
  • In-company Graduation Assignment

Career opportunities

As a communication professional, you can work in middle and higher management positions in the broad field of international communication. You might work at an advertising agency, government institution, non-profit organisation, publishing house or PR agency.


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NL-6503 GL Nijmegen

phone.: +31 24 353 05 00


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