Working while studying

You can work while you study. In the first year this might not be recommended as you have to get used to your studies and new surroundings first. But then a job will not only help you earn a living. Besides you will learn more about Dutch people and society, and learn more of the Dutch language.

First make sure that you are permitted to work. Here you can find all about Work permit - TWV

In case you receive Dutch study financing you are allowed to earn up to a maximum amount. The limit of earnings is determined annually. If you earn more, the additional sum is withdrawn from the state allowance.

If you work in the Netherlands you have to pay taxes. There is no tax free minimum income. The “belastingsdienst” is the Dutch tax authority. Your employer will report to the tax authority. But therefore they will need your 'BSN' (burgerservicenummer). What is 'BSN' (burgerservicenummer) and how do you get it?