Study Quality in Holland: General information

Holland: the first choice! Dutch Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences offer an exceptionally high study quality.

The Netherlands’ higher education system has a rich history – and it is ranked as one of the most modern in Europe. We are especially impressed by how the ‘Universiteiten’ and ‘Hogescholen’ today are able to prepare young people for problems of the future.

  • Many study programmes are offered in English, in all fields of study.
  • Dutch universities achieve top positions in all international rankings!
  • "Problem-based learning" is the principle of studying in the Netherlands. It is a didactical principle for active studying, and it is also the concept for the development of society: Young people prepare themselves for solving future problems of which we do not even know yet.
  • Dutch universities welcome their students! Universities are measured by how many students they receive and how successful they are during their studies.
  • The innovative architecture and modern interior in Holland show: Universities are places of learning! You can find inviting seating areas, working spaces for groups or individuals everywhere – oftentimes with public PCs. And these places are lively at all times! Take a look at pictures and videos of the universities!

On the following pages we offer information on quality and the development of the Dutch universities.