If you decide to study in The Netherlands, you are in for a great time!
The Dutch are easy-going people and The Netherlands is known for its vibrant student life and top-notch educational institutions. However – make sure you come prepared. The Dutch government has set some requirements for foreign students you need to be aware of.

By law, every student in The Netherlands is obliged to have a wide-coverage health insurance. Make sure you know which one you need.

Only planning to study?
If you are only planning to study (and have fun!), you can apply for a budget insurance that meets your needs: it includes comprehensive coverage for health costs, liability, accidents, SOS Emergency help and more.

Also planning to work?
If you also plan to work, you need to apply for local health insurance (‘Basiszorg’ in Dutch), for example by IAK. If you want to have some extra coverage such travel and liability insurance, you can add supplementary insurance on top of the local insurance. For a few euros more, this provides essential coverage for liability, accidents, luggage and more. Supplementary insurance can provide a great deal of relief and support, especially when you are in another country.

It is advisable to already check which insurance you need before your arrival – and you can arrange your insurance online within a few minutes.