Living, accommodation and registration

You have applied for a study programme? Then finding accommodation and registering with the municipality are next.


How do you find accommodation? In Holland student accommodation is not alike many other countries: Dormitories and living on campus are rather uncommon. Instead you have to look for a flat or a room in town. It is very common to share a flat or a house with other students.

  • Talk to students
  • Leave a notice at the universities black board or in the supermarket
  • Advert in the local newspaper
  • Ask the International Office for advice

You will find many databases (“kamer verhuursites”) on the internet. Some available in English, some specialized on students.

Just to give you a rough idea: You should calculate between € 300 and € 600 for the rent.

Here you can find information on the expenses you should calculate.

In big towns like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or The Hague you should expect higher prices than in small cities, for accommodation as well as for living.

It all depends on how you act! In Holland there are wonderful Secondhand shops and flea markets. Furniture etc. are often sold for little money among students. And in Holland students often share apartments.

When you hve found accomodation you need to register at the municipality. Here you will get your unique personal number BSN. All about registration at municipality and your BSN