Good reasons for studying in Holland

Many students are looking for possibilities to study in different countries to get to know different cultures. International study experience can grade up ones vitae and lead to new intercultural skills and knowledge. Beside all these good reasons for a study abroad, British students have even more reasons to study in Holland.

1) The increase of tuition fees in the last two years up to 8,400 £ makes studying in Great Britain quite expensive. Compared to Dutch tuition fees, which are about 1.906 € per year, British students might pay too much for their studies.

Studying in Holland means a smaller financial burden!

2) In Holland, many Bachelor and Master programmes are taught in English, some more include a partial English-language component (e.g. first two years in English, next two years in Dutch).

British students can study in their first language!

3) Last but not least, Bachelor and Master degrees are fully accredited and equivalent to British Bachelor and Master degrees. Many Dutch institutions of higher education have good reputations both in national and international rankings.

Accredited and high quality degree programmes!