Health insurance

In any case: You are obligated to have health insurance.

There are three types of health insurance. Which type is applicable depends on your personal situation.

Dutch public healthcare insurance

The Dutch public health insurance ("zorgverzekering") is mandatory for students that fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • You work in the Netherlands while studying (this is not the case for an internship relevant for your study)
  • and / or you are 30 or more years of age

If you don’t fulfill these conditions you are not eligible for this insurance.

EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

This card is eligible only in case you fulfill three conditions:

  • you are an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen,
  • and you are not working in the Netherlands
  • and you are insured through a national health system in your home country

You can remain insured with the health insurance in your home country.

Private healthcare insurance

All other students are obligated to choose a different health insurance. This will in most cases be your pre-existing insurance. You need to make sure that it covers your stay in the Netherlands.

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