Water Management at the HZ University of Applied Sciences

Suman, from Nepal, studying Water Managemnt

As the university is medium-sized and classes are small, we have very friendly and close relations with the lecturers, which is the most important factor of both teaching and learning. Also very important is that the courses are practical-oriented, both lab work and projects are carried out in order to explore the knowledge in real-life situations.

I am enjoying thoroughly the water management programme. I have done several field works, project excursions and different practicals. In the beginning I feared the programme would be very specialist and specific but getting into it we understood how vast, dynamic, practical-oriented the programme really is. It explores all the related knowledge about water and makes student able to come up with solid solutions to all water problems, from insufficient water to heavy flooding, from sea-level rising to aquatic eco-systems, from drinking water to irrigation, etc.

I'd like to stress that HZ is the one and only university of applied sciences that offers this type of integrated study into water management. Moreover, it is a great experience to study in the multicultural environment, which HZ is.

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