Master of Fine Art at AKV | St. Joost

What was the reason for choosing and applying for this course of studies at AKV St Joost?
I wanted to broaden my knowledge of the contemporary art and of course of my own practice.

Where and how did you get informed about study possibilities?
The website of St Joost is very informative. I visited the “open-house” (a day when new students can visit the school), but that was not very good planned. There was a miscommunication between the Master teachers, so I wasn’t able to get the information I wanted. So I applied for the “portfolio-day” (a day when new students can make an appointment with the study-leader to talk specifically about their work and how it would fit in this course). That was very helpful and informative.

How did you acquire required language skills?
Dutch is, together with Spanish my native language. I learned English in the USA and at high school.

Where and how did you apply?
I applied at the faculty in Breda. I made a selection of previous work and brought my bachelor-thesis. I presented it to 4 teachers.

How did you find the flat?
(Do you mean a house/ apartment?) I worked as a freelancer for a real estate developer. This company is redeveloping an old hospital in Den Bosch. The construction phase which will start next year. I asked if I could live there in the mean time. It’s a anti-squat house, perfect for students.

What were your first experiences/impressions (i.e. of the language)?
My first impressions are very positive. The teachers take enough time and give the students enough attention. The course is very intense, you have a lot of responsibility and that makes it sometimes extra challenging.

What are, in your opinion, the advantages of studying in the Netherlands?
Good facilities and (for Dutch students) scholarships. Short distances between cities.

What are, in your opinion, the disadvantages of studying in the Netherlands?
No idea.

What do you suggest to the German school-leavers who are interested in such a course of studies?
(Do you mean high-school leavers?) First do a bachelor course. I think this course is very suitable for German/ International students. Make an appointment to show your own portfolio.

What are your positive and negative experiences of study that you have gained till now?
Positive experiences: Patience and time of the teachers, good locations, small group of students, a good combination between practice and theory.
Negative experience: The library is maybe a bit small. But there are enough possibilities to get books elsewhere in the Netherlands (for example universities or museums).

What are your plans for the future?
I would like to work on projects in the fringe area between art and (urban) design.

We thank Nelleke Schiere!

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