Bachelor study at Utrecht School of Economics

Franziska Schuetze give us an Interview and told us about her Study at Utrecht School of Economics.

What was the reason for choosing and applying for this course of studies at Utrecht School of Economics?
I was searching for an English Bachelor Program in Europe in Economics or Business. I found Utrecht School of Economics and checked the homepage which looked very promising to me. Then I sent an email to a contact person and immediately got a positive reply with an invitation to come and look at the School. When I came to Utrecht, I really liked the people, the city and the atmosphere, which made me decide to study here.

Where and how did you get informed about study possibilities?
Via the Internet I found most of the information, especially via “Studieren in Holland” and “Studieren in England” and so forth, but also in several discussion forums in the Internet.

How did you acquire required language skills?
One of my majors in high school was English, so I followed an extensive English course and completed this with a good result in the final exams. After that I went to New Zealand and Australia for one year work & travel, which helped me a lot to get more confident in speaking English.

Where and how did you apply?
I applied at Utrecht School of Economics by sending my CV, my grades and a letter of motivation to the Study Counselor and then I got invited to come for an interview.

In case you moved to the Netherlands: How did you find the flat?
The first year I lived with a family and where I looked after their boy every afternoon, I found this through a nanny-forum in the Internet. After that I moved in a house with international students, which I found via “rooms for rent”.

What was your first experiences/impressions (eg of the language, when …)?
My first impression was very positive, I really liked the city and the atmosphere. What probably impressed me the most is that everyone is going by bike and that the bike paths are almost as wide as the streets.

What are, in your opinion, the advantages of studying in the Netherlands?
In my opinion, the advantages of studying in the Netherlands are that it is much more personal, due to the fact that there are less students in lectures and tutorials and that every student has a Mentor he can go to if he has problems. I think the biggest advantage compared to Germany is that the lectures are not overcrowded and that it will not happen to you that you cannot sign in to a course you need because it is already full. Furthermore you have a lot of options to choose from and different minor and track possibilities.

What are, in your opinion, the disadvantages in studying in the Netherlands?
What I can think of, which I do not see as a disadvantage for myself but as a possible disadvantage in general: For a lot of people it is far away from their friends and family, so you cannot just go home for a weekend that easily.
There is another disadvantage depending on where the student comes from and what he is used to, but Holland, especially Utrecht is more expensive concerning housing and living.

What do you suggest to the German school-leavers who are interested in such a course of studies?
Read all the information that is available online, then come here for one of the visiting days or just on a normal university day and look at the University, the city and talk to Students.

What are your positive and negative experiences of study that you have gained till now?
I think I learned a lot about how to judge and how to deal with different persons by working in a team, because team work in projects is very important in this study. I think this is a big difference to the German system, where you hardly need to do a project in a team.

What are your plans for the future?
I will probably do my Master in Utrecht as well, maybe combined with a semester abroad.

Would you go the same way one more time?
Yes, I definitely would.

We thank Franziska Schuetze for sharing his experiences.

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