Financial support from the Netherlands

Dutch regulations for student financial aid are a little complicated. Most Dutch students receive grants from the Dutch government. Thus, they are not reimbursed for tuition fees.

Under the following conditions, foreign students are eligible for Dutch grants:

  • They are citizens of the EU
  • They are not over the age of 29
  • They have Sofi-/BSN- number
  • They have to be employed for a minimum of 56 hours per month

Beside this, under certain circumstances students whose parents are Dutch or parents that have worked in the Netherlands for an extended period of time, can receive financial support.

The types of financial aid from the Dutch government:

  • Lening (grant)
  • Aanvullende beurs (follow-up grant) an additional grant for students in need or Aanvullende lening (follow-up grant with interest)
  • Studentenreisproduct (ticket for public transport/OV Card)
  • Collegegeldkrediet (Credit for tuition fees)

In 2015/2016 the maximum amount of support is €1016.

You can find more information on the following pages:

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