Tuition fees

Annual tuition fees of

2.060 Euro (Tuition fees for 2018/2019)

have to be paid in the Netherlands. This applies for Dutch as well as foreign EU-students who come to the Netherlands to study. These fees can be paid in a single lump sum or in instalments. All those who are older than 29 have to pay so called Instellingencollegegeld. The amount is from different university to university.

NON-EU-students normally have to pay much more than EU members. The prices vary from 6000 to 12,000 € and can be found on the corresponding university websites or

One possibility of financing the tuition fees is a Collegegeldkrediet. The students who have to pay the fees of 2.060 € can loan this completely in a form of a credit. This has to be paid back in instalments at the end of their study. The sum is usually higher than the national tuition fee.

The whole credit will be paid to the students in month instalments. An application for the Collegegeldkrediet has to be made anew every year. Direct application to IB Group: